The RSI Strategy That Can Let You Earn Money by Just Watching The Screen.

RSI + Halftrend

  • It would be better If you look for the 15 min charts.

💡 Halftrend is an indicator that shows you where the price going like is it bullish or bearish. And if it’s blue it means the price may go up but if it’s red it means the price may go down.

Do these steps about RSI:

change length to 2

  • change the upper band to 90
  • change the lower band to 10

And you can see the other steps for Long positions.

I would have added for short positions but I think it does not work as well as long positions. But there is a lot of people who think that works well. So you should take your own risk and if you want to do this strategy PLEASE consider the direction of trends.

I’ll post more about trading strategies, blockchains, investments and a lot of things so don’t forget to follow.



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